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Fastsurf is what this site is all about.  Fastsurf provides the consumer with information on how High Speed Internet works and services that make this experience that much more enjoyable.  In addition we have selected broadband services that in our opinion are tailored to individual requirements.  For instance a home user may want a fast Internet connection for surfing the web.  A company user may need a fast Internet connection such as T1 to download or upload large amounts of data very quickly.  We can also offer T1 for home at very competitive rates.


DSL Services


We have selected a major player that will assist the home user to select a DSL transporter with ease.  Shop for DSL  enables the home user to find a suitable carrier by entering their telephone number,address and zip code.  The get connected software then searches its database to find the providers at your location.  It displays monthly cost and any special offers along with a comparison chart.  This service prevents endless calls to different DSL providers to see whether they provide a service or  special deal.  Shop for DSL does not list every provider that may provide a service from your location,however we only try to select the best and most reliable providers in the business.


TI Services


T1 services offer medium and large organization users a one stop shop for quotes on T1 Data and T1 Voice.  Experts are available to follow up on any queries and additional information that may be required .  It must be emphasised that T1 services only deals with tier 1 carriers.  These T1 carriers may not always be the cheapest, but offer excellent servicing and reliability.  Who wants a T1 provider whose service regularly breaks down or goes out of business within a few months?  T1 services have built up a reputation for customer satisfaction.  Their follow-up procedure ensures any potential T1 customer of their commitment to them.


T1 services are not linked to any one carrier and only work with the best in the business with such names as Broadwing,ACC business and Centurylink to name a few. For T1 voice and T1 Data services we will work with you to find the most suitable T1 provider. We can also provide references from existing customers so you can have independent confirmation of the suitability of our services.  Whether you are on a 1 year,2 year or 3 year  T1 contract you will receive the level of service that is second to none.  Our reputation is now so good other local providers in the USA want to join our organisation.  We cover most states in the USA.  To see our coverage please follow this link; Coverage.


For the medium to large business user we recommend T1services.


How do T1 and Broadband work


To enable Home and Business users have an understanding of how these services work in lay terms please visit How Broadband Works and How T1 Works on this site.  An understanding of how the services work may help you to make an informed choice of which service is suitable for you.





The way that VOIP Phone works is very different to the standard telephony systems that we are accustomed to today. Rather than using the old system of circuit switching, data is sent via the internet using a protocol called packet switching. This means that instead of you waiting for a connection to a website, information flows constantly throughout the network via thousands of possible connections.

Packet switching is a highly efficient means of transferring data. Packets are compressed before being sent, which is essential in the whole process.

1. The computer that is sending the data creates small packets of data with individual unique addresses.

2. Each packet represents one part of the overall file, which could be a page, text document or music file.

3. The computer then sends the packets to the router closest to the recipient, which again sends it to the next closest router etc.

4. The computer must repeat this process for each packet it sends to the recipient, although each packet may take wildly different routes to the recipient.

5. Once all the packets have been received by the recipient computer, it uses their unique addresses to reassemble the file.

This is the same process that VOIP uses to make a call. Your voice is essentially converted into thousands of compressed packets that are sent to the recipient and then reassembled.


We have partnered with some if the best VOIP Phone services  to offer the consumer and business user a choice of VOIP services with an enviable reputation.





What Is High Speed Internet, and Why Do I Need It?

The term High Speed Internet refers to any digital Internet access that enables the user to upload and download more data at a much higher speed than a traditional dial up connection. It’s that simple.


High Speed Internet’s Key Advantages:


Speed. It is just that fast. If you have ever waited for a picture to download from an email or for a website page to load so that you could see it, you will appreciate the speed that you can get.

Always connected. You will never have to hear that  dialling in noise again. Random disconnects will become a thing of the past.

No need for an other phone line. You won’t need special incoming call warnings or another line to support your Internet service.

Bonus Features


High Speed Internet is also great for playing on-line games, downloading MP3s, sharing pictures with your friends and family or working from home. If you love your current email address, most ISPs (like AOL, MSN, EarthLink, Juno and more) have a special Bring Your Own Access (BYOA) rate that is as much as 50% off per month.



Types of High Speed Internet


DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connects a user to the Internet via regular phone lines. Typical DSL speed is 768 Kbps up to 1,500 Kbps, which at top speed is 25 times faster than standard dial up service. It usually does not require professional installation but it does require a local phone line and availability is limited to upgraded areas. Activation once took weeks, but now it typically takes a few days. More.


Cable Internet connects users to the Internet through digital (coaxial) cables. Typical Cable speeds range from 500 Kbps up to 2,000 Kbps, which at top speed is 30 times faster than standard dial up service. Cable Internet can sometimes require professional installation and the speeds are not always consistent. It is however widely available and very affordable. Many cable companies offer special rates if you sign up for cable Internet and have digital cable.


Satellite Internet connects users to the Internet via satellite dish. The speeds typically run at 500 Kbps downstream, which is still considerably faster than dial up. Although it is relatively expensive and requires professional installation it does allow high-speed access to people in rural and semi rural areas that would otherwise only have dial up as an option. Current satellite Internet technology is two way, which means you can upload as fast a you download. You can also work with your selected provider to coordinate or upgrade your satellite TV and satellite Internet systems. More.



Get DSLNow


If you are interested in seeing which companies can offer you High Speed Internet, you can begin by entering your information in the prequalification tool. A list of High Speed Internet providers for your location will be displayed. From there you can click and compare to find out which service best suits your needs. Just follow the checkout procedure once you are ready to order.


VAR Network

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People need VARs (Value Added Resellers) for a number of reasons. Here are just a few examples: you're looking to set up a VoIP-based phone system for your business, you want a virtual PBX that allows people to transfer calls to your boss's home just like a regular extension, your power went out and all of your telecom equipment needs to be reprogrammed, your telco closet is a disaster and needs to be rewired, you added a new employee and you need their workstation wired with cat-5 cable to the network. Whatever the case may be, you can find the right technician and/or equipment dealer using VARSearch, the world's only real-time
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High Speed Internet and VOIP Phone


High Speed Internet or How fast do you surf is our tag line,but this site is about High Speed  Internet AND voip for surfing or communicating.  We want to give the home or business user some information on high speed internet that will be useful in deciding what service is best for them.  We do not intend to be highly technical and there are other sites that internet services that we feel are innovative with the up and coming technology.  We have can provide that level of information.  In addition we have listed some high speed also included VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) as this is now becoming popular with home and business users for use over a High Speed Internet Broadband Connection.  We trust that you will find this site useful in making up your mind which level of service you prefer or in deciding to switch to one of the services we have listed

Reasons To Love High Speed Internet


If you are like most people, you have probably extensively used the Internet. Surfing the web provides quick and easy access to practically anything you want to know. You can play games, watch movies, communicate with people around the world--whatever you can dream, you can probably do. In recent years, the development of high speed internet has meant that all of this has become even easier.


Another name for this type of access is broadband access. It is a huge step up from the way the net functioned in the past. With broadband, you usually can gain access to a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, you will be able to browse the World Wide Web much faster than you could with any other connection.


Faster access means you can use the web in new and exciting ways. Without it, using it for telephone processes would simply not be possible. Anyone who has tried to Skype on a weak connection knows that this is true! High speeds also give you the ability to use similar functions such as television, radio, and video conferencing.


Think of all the things you could not do without this power. If you have ever tried to stay in touch with someone elsewhere in the world, you know how necessary the Internet can be. You want to be able to see the face of your loved one while you are speaking, even if you are separated by thousands of miles. With access with these fast speeds, it is very possible.


If you have ever tried to watch a video online, you also know how very important having a high speed connection really is. There are so many services out there today that allow you to stream video using the web. This is great for anyone who wants to catch up on television shows, send video to friends and family, or sit and watch a great movie without ever having to leave the comfort of home.


Of course, that is not all that broadband is good for. This access creates the possibility of having virtual private networks as well as remote systems administration. These systems have revolutionized the way that businesses are run. On a more casual level, broadband also allows for online gaming. This is especially the case when it comes to multi-player games.


You might be wondering what makes broadband connections feel so much faster. It is true that signals that carry information in general move at practically the speed of light no matter what the bit rate is. However, data can move more quickly in this specific kind of network as the number of bits that are transmitted each second is much higher.


High speed internet is becoming more and more essential as we depend on it more each day. Gone are the days where we have to sit and wait for a dial-up connection to load to get surfing on the web. We now can share nearly anything with anyone almost instantly.

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